Ms Carien Touwen

Carien Touwen is senior lecturer and international officer at the School of Journalism in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She is also academic coordinator for the Europe in the World programme in Utrecht, the first international honours course offered at the University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Utrecht, HU). Over the years, Carien has worked in several positions as coordinator and education manager and has been involved in different projects for curriculum development and innovation at HU. Most recently, she has worked on the development of honours in higher education in the Netherlands, part of a nation-wide project.  Her background is in geography, conflict studies and foreign reporting. In 2012 she finished a research master in African Studies, her thesis dealing with the representation of Africa in the media and the construction of meaning in African journalism. Up until 2011, she coordinated the South Africa programme in the Journalism department and has worked as a freelance-consultant and trainer for the media programme at the Netherlands Institute on Southern Africa.