Mr Brian Maston

Brian Maston is head of the International Department at the School of Journalism and a Senior Lecturer in the Europe in the World Programme in the interdisciplinary honours course Culture & Identity, which combines close analysis of European Cinema and cultural theory. At the Utrecht School of Journalism (SvJ) Brian fulfils a number of diverse teaching and administrative positions. As a member of the Curriculum Development Committee, he has helped to modernise the curriculum in order to reflect an emerging multimedia landscape. He has also helped to develop a number of theoretical courses on visual media, and he coordinates the Arts & Culture and Documentary Specialisations. In recent years Brian has built the Documentary Programme up into one of the first Honour's courses offered at the Utrecht School of Journalism and will work to continue to expand the honours options in international programmes like Europe in the World. Brian also serves on the Exams Commission and oversees and maintains close to 70 international partnerships for student exchanges and staff mobility.