Assoc Prof Asbjørn Slot Jørgensen

Asbjørn Slot Jørgensen is academic coordinator of the Europe in the World programme. He teaches large parts of the EitW period in Aarhus, is involved in guest lecturing at HU in Utrecht, and coordinates and supervises the EitW exam project and examinations. Asbjørn has his professional background from a career as a staff reporter with leading national newspapers, mainly in the areas of business, technology, and media. He has also worked as a freelance reporter with different media. At DMJX, his tasks have included full project management responsibility of international projects with Danish and international funding. He has served as chairman of the Teachers' Council and of the school branch of the Danish Union of Journalism. Teaching obligations have included development and coordination of courses and full semester programmes at different levels, mainly in news, research and multimedia journalism, on a wide range of topics. Over the past five years, he has mainly worked with the school's international programmes and projects (including EitW and the Global Environmental Journalism GEJI project), which includes teaching, development and academic coordination.