International Student Support

When you come to UTAS as a WORLDREP student you will be admitted as an International Student (although you'll also get to meet and spend time with students who are at UTAS on exchange).

There is a special section of UTAS that is devoted to providing incoming International Students with support. Here is some information about what they do (from their website):

What do we do?

- Enhance the international student experience
- Ensure that international students understand and comply with visa and regulatory requirements
- Provide international students with opportunities to engage with and participate as members of the UTAS and Tasmanian community
- Provide information, advice and referral services to international students

ISAs provide

- Pre-arrival information
- Orientation experiences
- Individual student welfare and well-being assistance
- Community education (information, education and social inclusion activities )
- Linkages with UTAS Schools and Faculties
- Activities to promote and facilitate social and cultural engagement
- Incident response
- Compliance monitoring and action to ensure UTAS international student operations are compliant with the National Code of Practice 2007 (pursuant to the ESOS Act 2000).
- UTAS news publications and informational materials to international students

Visit their website to read more: