$17,000 scholarship

Students receive a AUD $17,000 scholarship to assist with the travel and living costs associated with going on exchange.

Double degrees

Students are awarded double degrees (without any additional study). Students receive their home institution degree plus a Bachelor of Journalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

2 semesters; 2 countries

Students are enrolled in the "Europe in the World" program and live and study in two countries across two semesters.

What you will study

For one year, you dig deeper into European affairs by living and studying in two countries, travelling to various European locations and producing a variety of journalistic products.
— http://europeintheworld.com/

Europe in the World website

Visit the "Europe in the World" website at www.europeintheworld.com to find out more about where you will live and what you will study. 

Study guide

The 2015-2016 Europe in the World Study Guide is available to download here [PDF].

What to expect

During your exchange you will study with two institutions (and in two countries). Each institution provides information and advice for international exchange students about what to expect.

HU International - http://www.international.hu.nl/

DMJX International - http://www.dmjx.dk/international

How to apply

You will apply for the exchange and scholarship through UTAS Student Mobility. Find out more and download the application form herehttp://www.utas.edu.au/students/exchange-for-utas-students/the-worldrep-program.


You will have completed 250 credit points in your undergraduate degree by the end of Sem 1 (in the year you intend to go on exchange) and be intending to major in Journalism, Media and Communications. Alternative entry/eligibility pathways may also be possible. Please contact World.Rep@utas.edu.au to discuss your specific circumstances if you are not sure if you are eligible.

Example study plan

An example study plan (showing how the exchange will count towards your home institution degree) will be available here soon. If you have any questions about the exchange and how it might fit within the structure of your degree please contact a Faculty Officer.

Advice and help

Global Learning Opportunities Worldwide (GLOW) is designed to assist you each step of the way in identifying, applying for and going on an international exchange to the best overseas institute for you.
— http://www.utas.edu.au/students/exchange-for-utas-students/glow-lounge

The GLOW Lounge at UTAS is on the ground floor of the TUU building (on the Sandy Bay campus). Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10.00am-2.00pm. For times outside of office hours please make an appointment by emailing Student.Mobility@utas.edu.au.

Current students

There are six students from Australia currently studying in the "Europe in the World" course as part of the WORLDREP exchange program.

Click on the video below to hear their thoughts about what they like most about being on exchange, what they miss from home, and whether or not they think you should apply. 

Student profiles