Bachelor of Journalism with Honours (Queensland, Australia)

WORLDREP students undertaking exchange from Europe to Australia will study at either Griffith University (in Brisbane, Queensland) or the University of Tasmania (in Hobart, Tasmania). The information on this page is about studying at Griffith University.

About the program

The Bachelor of Journalism with Honours program is designed as an ‘end-on’ fourth year from corresponding undergraduate degrees in Journalism. This Honours program qualifies students to apply skills and knowledge in their discipline and prepare them to undertake highly skilled professional work and/or advanced study. The degree will require students to plan and execute a research dissertation or a creative/professional product with minor dissertation/exegesis under the supervision of an appropriate academic supervisor as a pathway for further learning.

The Bachelor of Journalism with Honours degree will consist of 80 credit points of assessed student work. This will include 40 credit points of coursework and 40 credit points of supervised research leading to the completion of a written dissertation, or to the completion of a creative or professional product with minor dissertation/exegesis. Students will be instructed in key research principles and methodologies in Journalism.

Program details

More information about what you will study is available here HERE:

Where you will study

The BJournHons is taught on the Nathan campus of Griffith University. Read more about the Nathan campus here and download a campus map here.

Exchange dates:

  • Sem 2, 2015 - Sem 1, 2016 (closed)
  • Sem 1, 2016 - Sem 2, 2016 (closed)
  • Sem 2, 2016 - Sem 1, 2017 (closed)
  • Sem 1, 2017 - Sem 2, 2017
  • Sem 2, 2017 - Sem 1, 2018

Download the current academic calendar (showing semester and orientation start and end dates) here: academic calendar .


There are no tuition fees for students undertaking theBJournHons through the WORLDREP exchange. However there are other study, travel and living costs that should be taken into consideration. For an example of these costs please visit the 'Money, work and taxation' page on Griffith's 'Life in Australia' website at: Money, work and taxation.