Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Tasmania, Australia)

WORLDREP students undertaking exchange from Europe to Australia will study at either Griffith University (in Brisbane, Queensland) or the University of Tasmania (in Hobart, Tasmania). The information on this page is about studying at the University of Tasmania

About the program

Honours will introduce students to the advanced study of journalism, media and communications, and aims to provide graduates with both enhanced career opportunities and the possibility of qualifying for postgraduate studies. It will give students the opportunity to progress their research skills and develop deeper knowledge in a specific area of Journalism, Media & Communications. Research is supervised by academic staff and offers a supportive environment to prepare for further research work or vocational careers. The honours program aims to provide students with: - advanced skills in research, writing and analysis; - skills in research project development and design; - knowledge and understanding of significant issues within journalism, media and communications, as appropriate to honours level; and - a foundation for postgraduate research or further career prospects in journalism, media and communications.

Program details

Read more about what you will study here:

Exchange dates:

  • Sem 2, 2015 - Sem 1, 2016 (closed)
  • Sem 1, 2016 - Sem 2, 2016 (closed)
  • Sem 2, 2016 - Sem 1, 2017 (closed)
  • Sem 1, 2017 - Sem 2, 2017
  • Sem 2, 2017 - Sem 1, 2018

Download the current academic calendar (showing semester and orientation start and end dates) here: Key Dates .


There are no tuition fees for students undertaking the BA(Hons) through the WORLDREP exchange. However there are other study, travel and living costs that should be taken into consideration. For an example of these costs please visit these pages: Cost of Living / Living in Tasmania - Money.