Europe in the World - 'On the road'

This month between March 27 - April 27, our World Rep students currently studying the Europe in the World course in Aarhus, Denmark, are on the road with their fellow colleagues. Travelling in four separate teams to Cyprus, Poland, Romania and Russia, they will explore the changing nature of society and politics in each state, in the hope to better understand how instability, change and recent developments in each state represent Europe as a continent in flux. Take a look: Euroviews and Facebook

Aussies in Europe


In September-October 2016 staff from Griffith University and the University of Tasmania visited the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) in Aarhus, and the University of Applied Science (HU) in Utrecht. Here they met with teaching staff,  students studying the Europe in the World program, and incoming Dutch students who will be studying in Australian in 2017/2018. We look forward to their arrival!


HU staff visit UTAS

Last week UTAS hosted two visiting staff, Carien Touwen and John Driedonk, from the HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. Carien is a senior lecturer and the academic coordinator of the Europe in the World course, and John is a senior lecturer in TV broadcasting and multimedia. Some activities included a workshop presented by Carien and John, and a lunch for all Worldrep staff and students.