G'day from Brissy

This is where we, Mads, Louise and Anine, have been on exchange for the last eight months. 

We didn’t know each other before, but we’ve been living together in an apartment in the heart of Brisbane. Luckily, it’s placed on third floor, so we haven’t had any snakes. However, we have met pythons and sea snakes here in Aussie, and our local friend Matt have a snake we’ve petted as well. But they’re not always friendly. When we visited a national park, we got chased by a venomous snake because he wasn’t keen to be disturbed while he was sunbathing on the path, and we tried to pass him. Oh snap, run, adrenaline. We’re still alive though. 

We bought a car - and besides the snake encounter, it took us to a lot of cool and calm places: white beaches at Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, national parks with waterfalls and rainforest and an exotic place called IKEA where they make excellent kötbullar (meatballs) and bland-selv-slik (candy). Otherwise, we’ve enjoyed a fair amount of avocados from the local weekly fresh food markets. But also plenty cans of tuna (they have awesome editions with different flavours, e.g. jalapeños, sun-dried tomato, mexi-salsa, yummy).

We haven’t been that much in school, probably maximum six hours a week, because we’re doing a honours project instead. And what is that? Well, that took us quite a while to figure out, but it turned out just alright after all. Mads made a radio documentary about homelessness, Louise made a video documentary about dating culture, and Anine made a multimedia product about social enterprises. We made an exegesis each as well, which is a kind of academic reflexive report.

We’ve handed in our projects now, and that’s why we look so happy on the photo, yayaaay! While we’re waiting for our grades, we will travel different parts of the world, before reality calls us home to Denmark again. 


Anine 1.jpg