A different approach to journalism - by Simon Thinggaard Hjortkjaer

A different approach to journalism - by Simon Thinggaard Hjortkjaer

Reading about WORLDREP in 2015, I was immediately onboard with the program. I had always known that I would do what I could to go out as an exchange student. I remember my very first day at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. We, the new students, were told to come up with questions about the school and figure out who to talk to in order to get answers. The only question on my mind was ‘How can I get out of here?’. On exchange, I meant of course.

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The Adventures of Nola

Carien Touwen, coordinator of the Europe in the World Program at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, has visited Australia and New Zealand as part of the World Rep program. Here, she writes about her travels and experiences through the eyes of Nola.

The Adventures of Nola: Down Under

The Adventures of Nola: World Reporting

You can also see more of Carien's and Nola's travels on her website

Europe in the World - 'On the road'

This month between March 27 - April 27, our World Rep students currently studying the Europe in the World course in Aarhus, Denmark, are on the road with their fellow colleagues. Travelling in four separate teams to Cyprus, Poland, Romania and Russia, they will explore the changing nature of society and politics in each state, in the hope to better understand how instability, change and recent developments in each state represent Europe as a continent in flux. Take a look: Euroviews and Facebook