Participating students will receive generous financial support to undertake the 10-month exchange and, upon successful completion of the program, will be awarded with degrees from both their home and exchange institutions.

How does this work?

The double degree program is based on an agreement between the participating institutions whereby study completed at the exchange institution is recognised by both the exchange and home institutions.

That is, students receive an agreed percentage of study credits or advanced standing (or the equivalent terminology) towards both their ‘home’ and ‘exchange’ degrees. More information about the specific awards and exchange arrangements for each institution are available from the links below.

Why is this important?

The capacity to understand and contextualise our world demands reporters with international knowledge and outlook, who can respond to local and global events and conditions. The WORLDREP program addresses this demand. It will foster graduates with the capacity to communicate events, issues and risks during a period of rapid change, and who understand diverse political and environmental and social contexts. Further, we anticipate that the graduates of this program will be highly employable due to their research skills and valuable practical experience.

Who can participate?

The program is open to students from any of the four participating institutions:

For more information about the specific eligibility, application and program details for each institution please click on the corresponding links above.